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shooQie made Music

2010, the year when I got serious with my acoustic.I've always wanted to write a complete song, but it never came out right. Huge thanks to my friends for supporting me, I got a whole bunch in my collection. Just two more, and I shall have a dozen of it!

It has been like 2-3 months since the last time I wrote one, and just yesterday another came out again as I was strumming around my acoustic. >>My latest favourite!<<

This time I made double recording method, which creates a background singing effect. I've always wanted to try those home studio software, but I can't decide which one's the best. So, for now I'll just stick with the basic recording with my headphones.

Here's My Blog dedicated to my song collection, with lyrics & links for downloads;

My Youtube channel;

My Playlist at facebook;

My Collection ready for download;

*To describe my feelings right now, I guess my icon can explain it perfectly well :")

Music Playlist at MixPod.com


shooQie and her NOTHING-ness continues

Nothing...basically nothing...hmm, pretty much NONE

After gaining 3.9 CGPA at my University since last year, I was at awe at my own capability as an engineering student. Walking up that stage and taking that certificate, I was like, "How did I made this happen?,"

At that point of my life I dropped everything down. I mean "everything" that could further jeopardize my academic status.

I felt great on the real world, but felt guilty to my LJ commitment....So, where should I start?

hmm, point zero?!


New wallies~!(^^)


*original pics taken from EXILE 2008 Gekkan issues scanned bygarnet_moon07 for EXILE Fantasy Land forum

(black and white)

*ideas taken from their first Limited edition Gekkan cover

* all design has .shooQie trademark reserved
* do not abuse these fanworks, and please credit if used
* comments are very welcome to help improvised for future designs

People living in the fast lane always make excuses that they don't have time to go to the gym, jogging around the park and especially a 10 seconds sit-ups!


With RS5 ''GOOD DAY'' program you will never make those excuse anymore!
All you need to do is follow these 5 easy steps to a Good Day ahead~

1) When you wake up sit by the side of your bed and swing your leg from right to left for 10 times just to get the blood flowing through your brain which will gives you the energy you need to start your day.


If there's a ball by your side, kick it!

More tips for a GOOD DAY! under the cut~Collapse )

With that you have COMPLETED the RS5 ''GOOD DAY'' program!

Hope you will have a GOOD DAY today~! and don't forget to put that smile on your face

*this was brought to you by RS5 Inc.,
'' ...embarking the Journey to a better YOU!''

[ Caps are from RIP SLYME - GOOD DAY, taken from their June released full length album ''Journey'' ]



..:: SOLOS ::..


..:: EXILE ::..

* original footage taken from EXILE 2008 Gekkan issue scanned bygarnet_moon07 
* all design has .shooQie trademark reserved
* comments are very welcome to help improvised for future designs

English Subbed by EXsub [EXILE CUT*]

AKIRA's appearance as a blonde, HIRO's very FIRST appearance with ZOO, and at the last cap of USA, I wanted to give out a small hint but I hate giving away these particular moment cuz it was just too hilarious to be spoiled, but all I can say is that at screen 00:04:05 they're actually having a blast laughing at what someone in EXILE did...

so, go get em' already!!!

Download LinkCollapse )


Went to cupcake class last Saturday with Mak, Auntie Salamah, and Yayah.
Lately my new hobby was baking. From cakes to cookies. Me and my sister had a blast messing up the kitchen after finding out about the mixer mom got after redeeming it from some catalogue years ago. We were the first to actually use it! we made huge cookies, small cakes and cupcakes after getting the recipes from the internet of course!

but the one part i haven't perfected yet was the buttercream for the cupcakes. My buttercream was okay, but i knew i could be better, still after many tries I still couldn't perfected it!

Then mak noticed that my hobby turned into sort of like an addict to me. Even though my sister was at boarding school, whenever I have time at home I'll always try to remake the cream.

Then there was this Cupcake class that was quite famous among cake lovers here in KL. it was called MyHadiah.com.
Mom said the class was very hard to get in, and it all depends on the teacher's decision whenever she has free time.
i saw the site, and I was like begging my mom to let me get into that class no matter what or when!
Then finally we did!!

and the result....

these were all made by ME!
everybody (6 other students) tried made elmo, but mine was the cutest one!
It was delicious too!! My dad ate the one with the hat. Super thick icing actually. Nina is my sister's name, she couldn't come to the class so I made one cupcake for her and she loved it!

Now! I know baking has become very close to my heart!
I'm making my own cake this coming JUNE for my birthday~
maybe some cupcakes to match with the cake... ^^*

P/S: maybe i'll bring some Arashi cookies to the DVD screening~ Otanoshimini~ ^^



ICONS: Sakurai Sho

nice teeth Sho!! (!-_-)

here's one I've resized to 100x100...Collapse )

just wanted to share some Arashi love~^^


shooQie at the EDGE of being 20..

shoujiki, hontouni chou youkatta desu..

I absolutely felt thankful that I ever decided to download Gokusen JDorama from my friend's server about a year ago. What?? Gokusen???Collapse )

MatsuJun's teeth is crooked I say! and underdog *Lock!Collapse )

I don't know how, but I started to jump into this site that shows a lot of Japan PV and the word "Arashi" just pop right in front of me. The key word was "Lai-lai-lai". As someone who's been influenced by Hikki's excellent work in music, I thought the title was lame. But I click it anyway, because I was excited just to see wether Jun can sing or not, hehehe..

"Ahahahahaha!! His voice is wacked! His body movement was totally the opposite in Gokusen! More like a SQUID!!"


"But who's that guy at the other end? He's kinda cute than the picture I saw in JDorama.com. Ahh! That "sepet" boy look's almost like that other guy. For a pop song, this is not bad,"

NO WAY!! YOU TOO?!!!!!!!!Collapse )

At the edge of my 20 years old's life:
>> I began to truly understand Japan and some of their languages. I began to talk a bit of Kansai-ben in my head, hehe.
>> I love Arashi y'all!!!~<3 and Johnny's senpai *lock!
>> I like Japan's culture and food of course!
>> But most importantly, I began to love myself more (well not obsessively like those freaky Johnny's kouhei) and never in my life I felt more greatful that I was born Malaysian. I began to appreciate life more than I ever did...

I love you Malaysia!

ICONS: Aiba Masaki

It doesn't matter if he don't care about neither marriage nor love..

Of course i can't never get a hold out of him (but if it's possible, why not?)..
But still, i just like him the way he is..

My Aiba Icon LoveCollapse )