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.....a New Chapter

25 June
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Bla... bla... bla... "about me"! Basically I'm just like every fangirl out here. Originally joined LJ because of ARASHI for all the johnny's updates. Then LJ has become one of my most resourceful media when it comes to Japanese Entertainment Industries.

I write, read, sketch, do hand-crafts, play acoustics, photoshop, lingo fan, outdoor sports, dance, love walking, baking (not weed, but cake!!-_-), and recently my current online job, translating.

I learned Japanese about 3 years ago, mostly on my own with some help from japanese media like TV shows and songs. I only knew Hiragana and Katakana and probably 1% of kanji... ^_^!!) Then a friend asked me to join a Japanese class she went to. With affordable fees and real Japanese teacher I decided to join a month ago. Surprisingly, I'm memorizing more Kanji now! Since the class speaks 100% Japanese from the moment you step in it, I'm beginning to get use to converse in the language. What's the point of knowing them by heart but not being able to talk?! I'm glad I took it! That's why I decided to do translations. Just to get exposed to the language much deeper.

I'm one of EXSub translators (EXILE media), and sometimes subs under my own name. Also, I think I might make this official, as EXILE wallies designer with my trade mark .shooQie stamp on it.

If you need help with translations you can just message me here.

Oh yeah, cupcakes request only open for Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA citizens only. Cupcakes won't get pass through AirMail!

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"The enthusiasm of a woman's love is even beyond the biographer's..."
-- Jane Austen